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V.9 - Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor

Richard Dinnick  & Pasquale Qualano  & Hi-Fi


Zusammenfassung des Herausgebers Titan Comics

A powerless cargo ship carrying a cargo of Heavenly Hosts has been infested by Weeping Angels! The TARDIS team already have a plethora of other problems… now they must work together with the Judoon and the crew to save everyone on board from falling into a nearby sun! But even though the Doctor has been found again (after being sent back in time by the Angels), Missy has apparently stolen the TARDIS! Without his beloved ship, will the Doctor be able to get everybody to safety?

Fortsetzung der Zusammenfassung

Band : 9/16 - Doctor Who: The Tweflth Doctor Year 3 - Volume 2 - A Confusion of Angels - Chapter 4