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Fabien Nury

Author biography Fabien Nury

Born in 1976, Fabien Nury began his career by co-writing with Xavier Dorison the script of "W.E.S.T" (Dargaud), a hit series illustrated by Christian Rossi (six volumes between 2003 and 2011). Nury independently wrote "Je suis Légion" (2004-2007, Humanoids Associates), a trilogy illustrated by the American John Cassaday. Translated into eight languages, the series continues with several other illustrators under the title "Les chroniques de Légion" (Glénat). In 2007 he also started working on "Le maître de Benson Gate" (Dargaud) with Renaud Garreta. From 2007 to 2012, Nury wrote the script for the six volumes of "Il était une fois en France" (Glénat). The historical series, illustrated by Sylvain Vallée, received wide critical and public acclaim (850,000 copies sold). Amongst other achievements, in 2011 he received an award for best international series at the Angoulême Comics Festival. Since then Fabien Nury has been gaining success in various genres: "Mort de Staline" (The Death of Stalin, Dargaud, Thierry Robin illustrations) in historical narrative; "Steve Rowland", volume 5 of the "XIII Mystery" series (Dargaud, illustrations by Richard Guérineau) in thriller; "Corey Silas" ( Glénat, illustrations by Pierre Alary) in detective series; and "Atar Gull" (Dargaud, illustrations by Brüno) in literary adaptation, according to Eugène Sue... In 2013, he created "Tyler Cross" with Brüno, a noir graphic novel. The album was praised by both critics and readers (over 50,000 copies sold). Volume 2 will come out in 2015. In 2014, Fabien Nury published the fourth and final volume of "L'or et le sang" (Glénat), the script by Maurin Defrance and illustrations by Merwan and Fabien Bedouel. With Tierry Robin he created the two-part series "Mort au Tsar" (Death to the Tsar, Dargaud). In 2014, with Eric Henninot he also published "Fils du soleil" (Dargaud), an adventure album adapted from two novels by Jack London. As for audiovisual, Fabien Nury co-wrote with Dorison the scripts to a feature film "Les brigades du Tigre" (directed by Jérôme Cornuau, 2006) and a TV movie "Pour toi, j'ai tué" (directed by Laurent Heynemann, 2012).

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