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Robert Denis

Author biography Robert Denis

Denis Robert was born in 1958 in Lorraine. After his studies in psycholinguistics, he started working at leading French newspaper 'Libération', where he began as the Eastern France correspondent before moving to the editorial department in Paris, where he specialized in politico-financial affairs during the Mitterand period. In 1995, Denis Robert left the newspaper in order to dedicate himself to writing - anything from fiction to TV and cinema scripts. Denis Robert's novels include "Chair Mathilde" (Bernard Barrault, 1991), "Je ferai un malheur" (Fayard, 1995), "Notre héros au travail" (Fayard, 1997), "Tout va bien puisque nous sommes en vie" (Stock, 1998), "Le Bonheur" (Les Arènes, 2000), "Une ville" (Juillard, 2004), "Le Milieu du terrain" (Les Arènes, 2005), "La Domination du monde" (Juillard, 2006), "Une affaire personnelle" (Flammarion, 2008)," Dunk" (Juillard, 2009), "Vue imprenable sur la folie du monde" (Les Arènes, 2013). He also wrote a few essays and research pieces: "Pendant les « affaires », les affaires continuent" (Stock, 1996), "La Justice ou le Chaos" (Stock, 1996), "Révolte.com" (Les Arènes, 2000), "Révélation$" (Les Arènes, 2001), "La Boîte noire" (Les Arènes, 2002), "Clearstream, l'enquête" (Les Arènes-Juillard, 2006), "Au coeur de l'affaire Villemin : Mémoires d'un rat" (Hugo et compagnie, 2006), "Tout Clearstream" (Les Arènes, 2011). He has written and produced five documentaries: "Journal intime des affaires en cours" (1998), coréalisé avec Philippe Harel ; "Histoire clandestine de ma région" (2001), avec Gilles Cayatte ; "Les Dissimulateurs" (2001) ; "Le Cahier" (2001) ; "L'Affaire Clearstream racontée à un ouvrier de chez Daewoo" (2002) ; "Cavanna, même pas mort" (2015), with Nina Robert. As for comic books, he wrote "Tout va bien" (Dargaud, 2005) with Thomas Clément on illustrations, and "L'Affaire des affaires" (Dargaud), with Yan Lindingre and Laurent Astier. In collaboration with Franck Biancarelli, Robert produced "Le Circuit Mandelberg" in 2015 (Europe Comics, 2016, "The Mandelberg Circuit"), an adaptation of "Dunk" (Juillard, 2009), one of his previous novels. In 2016, their collaboration continues with the release of "Grand Est," and in 2019, they released the crime thriller "Une erreur de parcours" (Dargaud; "A Lapse in Judgment," Europe Comics).

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