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Saracino Luciano

Author biography Saracino Luciano

Luciano Saracino (1978) lives in the city where he was born (Buenos Aires), although he travels all the time in order to not get bored. He has more than sixty books published all over the world, gaining awards and new friends along the way. His comic books have been published in print in Argentina, Brazil, Spain, and France. In Spain, he has published "Historias del Olvido," "Corina y el Pistolero," and "HO2" with Dolmen; "Ometepe" with Astiberri; and "Las Aventuras de Fede y Tomate" with Dibbuks ("The Adventures of Fede and Tomato," Europe Comics). He also wrote the TV series "Germán, últimas viñetas," recounting the years prior to the disappearance of scriptwriter Héctor Germán Oesterheld.

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