Warship Jolly Roger

"John T. Munro, a former commanding officer of the Confederation of the human race, which has now scattered across the galaxy, has been declared a war criminal. He is an honorable man, whose crime was to obey the orders of his superior and burn down a town of separatist rebels... including the innocent civilians who were caught in the crossfire when the rebels used them as human shields. His actions are widely condemned, and the court of President Vexton, the man who gave the order to burn down the town in the first place, sentences him to life in prison, with no hope of ever seeing his wife or children again. Two years later, his opportunity to escape arrives when the rebel chiefs in the prison where he is detained organize a mutiny. But once he's out, Munro and his three companions, will have to fight to survive as Vexton's forces hunt him down. This time, their orders are very clear: Munro must die.With elements of a classic pirate tale and science fiction series like ""Battlestar Galactica"", this adventure story combines a rare emotional depth with galactic political intrigue."

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