Cédric is a nice, considerate 8-year-old boy, who often ends up doing silly things despite his best efforts. He lives with his parents and grandfather and often turns to them as he tries to understand life and the little problems it likes to throw our way, like when he falls madly in love with Chen, the new girl in class. With Cédric, Laudec and Cauvin, major authors on the Franco-Belgian comics scene, have created a superb youth comedy series, which has become a classic on family bookshelves.


V7 Cedric

Childhood is a time to learn about life. We discover love, but also such things as disease and death. We learn to share and be generous, but we also learn about the dangers of excesses, greed and gluttony. In other words, every day is a new adventure – especially when, like Cedric, you have a somewhat clumsy father, a grumpy but loveable grandfather … and a strong-willed almost-girlfriend with an occasionally volatile temper!

V6 Cedric


Cedric’s life is a series of triumphs and disasters. If one day he manages to impress his sweetheart Chen, the next his own obsessive jealousy will earn him a mighty slap. He can surprise his parents with tender, generous gestures, then bring them on the verge of a heart attack with his calamitous school reports. As for his grandfather, he’s built along the same lines. The trick is to enjoy the good parts – and weather the rest!

V5 Cedric


Cedric’s school is electing class representatives for the first time. A prospect that appeals to the boy, but also several others children – including Chen, the little girl he’s got a crush on. Difficult for Cedric to reconcile his feelings and his desire to win, especially since Chen is a strong-willed young lady who, story after story, shows a definite lack of interest for being window dressing! Fortunately there’s Grandpa, his advice ... and his own blunders!

V4 Cedric


Being a kid can be confusing. The grown ups parents and especially grandparents get up to the craziest antics. School can be counted on to complicate one's life. And then there are the mysteries of love... Trying to court Chen is a constant struggle for Cedric, who has to contend with shyness, misunderstandings, his own jealousy, poachers... Still. Confusing or not, it's so much simpler when you're nine! At least, that's something his grandad would say...

V3 Cedric


There’s home, and Dad’s work, and the parents fighting sometimes. There’s school, annoying friends, and the beautiful, unattainable Chen. There’s life and its milestones: your first communion, your first dance, your first pet… It’s difficult sometimes, for a child. Fortunately, Cedric can always count on his Granddad’s wisdom—and occasional partnership in crime—to help him see the brighter side of things and discover what’s truly important.

V2 Cedric


Cedric is an eight-year-old boy who is desperately in love with Chen but too shy to let her know. Between school, rowdy friends, nosy parents and an insufferable cousin, little Cedric has a lot to deal with. Thankfully, his grandpa is always there to help, no matter how much mischief Cedric makes...

V1 Cedric


Cedric is a little 8-year-old boy, a grumbler with a big heart, who shares his life with his parents, his grandpa, his school, his mates, and Chen, the love of his life, to whom he doesn’t dare declare his feelings. It’s not easy being a little boy! But Cedric works hard to preserve the peace. Luckily, Grandpa is always there for the hard knocks and the blue moods…

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