If you think you've already read everything and nothing can surprise you anymore, then you need to go back to the source of the comic book. The authentic naïve adventure feuilletons of the late 19th century. The time of the first car, the invention of photography, but also the time of the magical journeys of Jules Verne. Equally authentic were the adventures of Docteur Mystère and his assistant Cigale. In Milan they unravel the mysterious disappearance of Lady B***'s husband. Because the case seems to be closely linked to the disappearance of a Chinese fighter, Dr. Mystère decides to enlist his old Chinese friend Kway. "Milanese Mysteries" is hilarious camp. Expect encounters with operatic haunts, spying rats, Oliver Twist robot armies and humpbacks at Milan's Dom. All authentic, of course. Unlike other stiff harkenstrips like Blake and Mortimer or Harry Dickson, Doctor Mystère is one hundred percent socially incorrect. Cigale's only task is to catch the ever-fainting Lady B***.

2 Volumes
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