V.25 - Blake & Mortimer

Yves Sente & Peter Van Dongen & Teun Berserik

Blake & Mortimer - Yves Sente
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( 25 Volumes )

Publisher's summary Cinebook

World War Three is over. Basam Damdu has been defeated. England can breathe and begin the rebuilding process … or so it thinks. In China, unfortunately, Mao’s Communists keep bowling over Chiang Kai-shek’s troops, and are threatening Hong Kong. And General Xi-Lee, a ruthless warlord, has dreams of becoming the new Qin Shi Huang – first Emperor of China. When a relic of that very emperor is discovered by an acquaintance of Mortimer, things take a turn for the worst …

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Volume : 25/25 - Blake & Mortimer 25 - The Valley of the Immortals