"A real dive into the heart of 17th century Paris, this story takes us into the daily life of Vincent de Paul, a devoted churchman, in search of the truth.Paris 1643. Accompanied by young Antoine, Father Vincent travels up and down the neighborhoods of the city, pleading his case with the richest of the rich. A good and righteous man, he helps the poor, offering them a home and protection. He therefore takes in Manon, a 15 year old orphan who is a victim of prostitution. This doesn't seem completely unrelated to the disappearance of Jérôme, another person protected by the priest, who was found dying, a knife sunk into his chest. As a compulsive troublemaker, his death might have gone unnoticed. However, the young man seems to have left behind many mysteries, starting with his roots...Father Vincent takes it upon himself to shed some light on the murder of the man he could not protect, and it would seem he is not alone..."

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