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V.2 - Dark Souls

George Mann  & Alan Quah

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Publisher's summary Titan Comics

In the autumn of this world the only surety is death! Trapped in a realm of perpetual winter, Andred of Ithvale – a battle-hardened warrior bound by solemn duty – embarks upon a quest of bloody redemption as he battles through frozen wastes in search of the sacred relic that was stolen from him. From the team behind the breakout hit ‘Dark Souls: The Breath of Andolus’ comes this second twisted tale from the worlds of Bandai/Namco’s torturous videogame. “Outstanding. 9 out of 10” – Fanboy Nation “Stunning and gruesome in equal measure.” – Flickering Myth

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Volume : 2/4 - Dark Souls - Volume 2 - Winter's Spite