The story of this graphic novel takes place in the city of Heroica, the largest of the so-called instant cities built in the U.S. during the mass exodus of 2018. The conditions of life are tough, unemployment is high, public services are deficient, people can barely make ends meet. New gangs are organizing in a fight for the new territories. Most of the gangs run from the suburban quarter “Mexican Belt,” which is actually a result of a failed migratory experiment. Doug Balthus, a detective from Heroica, is in big trouble because of his gambling debts. He owes lots of money to two of the most dangerous gangs in town – neither of which is willing to forget his debt. Doug knows that they are after him, so he avoids the places where he usually hangs out. But then one night he gets caught, and just as he thinks his life is over, the boss of “Red Flies” makes him an offer he cannot refuse: Find Alicia and your debt will be forgotten. Doug is thrilled and accepts the offer. During his search for Alicia he meets Laura -- a dancer in a sleazy club. Exhausted and tired of wandering, she opens up to him. Although he is completely broke, Doug invites her to stay with him. He’s also looking for a safe place to hide from “White Noses,” the other gang he owes money to, and it seems that they are a perfect match.




SAF Comics


3 Volumes
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