V.8 - Sherman

Desberg Stephen & Magda

Sherman - Desberg Stephen
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Publisher's summary Europe Comics

As Inspector Kendall of Scotland Yard gets closer to finding Ludwig Melchior's murderer, he comes uncomfortably close to revealing some sordid secrets about Ludwig's daughter Kundry. Like her relationship with drug dealer and all-around sleazeball Miles Calvin. Why did her mother Jeannie shoot Calvin at a nightclub? Who snuck into the hospital and killed him later? And what was his connection to a mysterious woman who may be a Russian agent? Jeannie Melchior, née Sherman, must come to terms with secrets, lies, and mistakes from her own past in this conclusion to a tense two-parter about her husband's death.

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Volume : 8/8 - Sherman 8. Jeannie's Journey: 1969