Kansas, 1861. As tensions rise between the Northern and Southern states, a fanatical, violent preacher leaves a trail of corpses behind him, all the while calling people to take up arms against pro-slavery states. Close on his tail is a lone rider with a strange gift: he can read the past and future of those he touches. In the small town of Holton, a showdown is brewing, but things aren't quite as they seem...

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Markham, the murderous preacher, is dead at last. And yet, for the lone rider who tracked him down and killed him, the hunt goes on. Now he must find the person behind the preacher's campaign of terror. He knows his target: Senator Dawson of New York. But it won't be easy getting to his quarry—a rich and powerful man engaged in a conspiracy against the government of the United States, who may just hold supernatural capabilities...

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