Undertaker - Undertaker 5. The White Indian

Undertaker - Undertaker 5. The White Indian

V5 Undertaker

Delabie Caroline & Meyer Ralph & Dorison Xavier 59 pages
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7€ 49 Digital format
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The whole series - 6 volumes 44€ 94
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The whole series - 6 volumes 44€ 94
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The whole series - 6 volumes 44€ 94

Publisher’s summary Europe Comics

Lin and Rose have gone their separate ways, so Jonas Crow is left alone with his hearse and Jed, his pet vulture. Winter has set in and there's plenty of work to do—plenty of bodies to bury. When a... Read more


Europe Comics


  • 5/6

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  • 22/01/2020




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Reviewed by Batoy
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Undertaker, vol 5 is written by Xavier Dorison, the artwork is done by Ralph Meyer, with colors by Meyer and Caroline Delabie. This series is set in the wild west and follows undertaker Jonas Crow, he is wanted (under a different name) for crimes he supposedly committed during the Civil War. In this installment he's tasked with recovering the body of a man held hostage by the Apaches. I really like this series, and this volume maintains the high quality of the previous ones. The suspense... Read more
Reviewed by Esta
User rating:
A scandal difficult to hide. A dead son, who had been kidnapped by Apaches 10 years earlier and mentally broken to become the White Indian. An extremely rich, “visionary” – to understand in the Far West sense - and not so young mother’s broken heart, threatening to set her second marriage back until the heir’s funerals have been properly conducted. The groom-to-be, Sid, is oddly an old acquaintance of Jonas Crow, from the troubled time of a youth gang. ***** Jonas is on his own. Lin has gone... Read more

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