Discover life drawn by Humanoids
Until 31st January!
Discover life drawn by Humanoids Until 31st January!
Come read moving slices of life in January!
Get 50% off 14 series from Humanoids which depict moving slices of life. Until 31st January, take advantage of this special sale to discover Vietnamese memories, Bluesy Lucy or Beirut 1990 among other series from Humanoids.

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It’s 2005. Nicolas Wild is a French cartoonist. He’s broke and about to be homeless. He’s a man without a plan. That is until destiny shows up in his inbox: a paid job… In Afghanistan! In his graphic Travelogue series, Nicolas Wild brilliantly explores the differences between the Afghan cultures around him and his own, as he and his fellow expat friends crash Asura celebrations, avoid the afterlife, and muse on the differences between Christian Easter egg hunts and Islamic penance.
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