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European Western Sale
50% Off until May 20th
European Western Sale 50% Off until May 20th
It's time to go west... and to go wild with our Western selection!

The amazing Amercian comics blogger Pipeline Comics (https://www.pipelinecomics.com/) kindly wrote an article about this European Western selection for us. Let's give him the floor!

"We don't make many Westerns in America anymore. We outsourced them to Europe, it seems, where they are better appreciated. This week, Izneo is offering up a selection of Westerns for sale at half their normal prices, or less!  

First, we have Matthieu Bonhomme's excellent "The Man Who Shot Lucky Luke."  It's based on the classic John Ford western, "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance," starring John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart.   Bonhomme tells a serious western story using the cast of characters and tropes of the "Lucky Luke" series.  It's a compelling story that features magnificent art from Bonhomme that's quite different from what you might remember of him in "Esteban" or even "Texas Cowboys." If you’ve never read Lucky Luke before, it’s still an interesting story. People familiar with the character will get more of the references and appreciate the alternate take on an old favorite. For a 60 page story, the sale price is a great deal.   

“Stern” features a young, quiet character who is the town undertaker.  It’s just a job for him, but it leads to getting wrapped up in bigger things, despite himself.
  The first book is a solid story that sets things up well, but the second book is where the series takes off.  The story runs longer than usual, and takes Stern to Kansas City. He only wants to buy some books, but he gets mugged first, setting off a chain of events that makes for an epic and hilarious romp.  Between the senile old man, the slow “friend,” his insane mother with the shotgun, the loan shark, the giant, Stern’s old flame, and the bar bouncer who doesn’t like him, Stern is in for a world of hurt. But he’s a fighter and won’t back down from it all.  It quickly snowballs into a spectacular ending, with the whole crazy town being a thorn in Stern’s side.

If all of that is too serious or too crazy for you, might I recommend “Kid Luke”?  Achde takes everyone’s favorite lonesome cowboy who can shoot faster than his own shadow and gives us his comic misadventures as a kid".

From the very first moment he meets "Sentence" Sykes, young Jim Starret instantly recognizes a legend of the Old West, just like in the comic books he learned to read with. But his new hero is nowhere to be seen when the fearsome Clayton gang murders his mother before his very eyes. From that moment on, the now-orphaned Jim becomes obsessed with a sole objective: joining Sykes to track down his mother's killers. But what he doesn't yet realize is that legends of the Old West are forged by their demons.