Europe Comics Super Summer Sale!
Until July 16th
Europe Comics Super Summer Sale! Until July 16th
Summer is often a time for vacations and relaxing, but it's also the perfect time to dive into great series at rock bottom prices!

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Discover the character of Sisco, an agent responsible for protecting the President... which doesn't necessarily mean he's on the President's side. Mermaid Project takes place in the not so far future, in a world that's suffered severe climatic and economic upheavals. Dantes, Pin-Up, Suicide Forest and Save me Pythie also await you in this summer selection at $2.99 each volume only!

It's 1943 and all-American Joe is heading off to fight the Japanese. His distraught fiancé Dottie Partington is fired from her job as a movie usher, and a friend helps her find employment at the Yoyo Club, a cabaret favored by soon-to-be-deployed US Air Force personnel. In the meantime, Joe is marooned on an atoll in the South Pacific, where he experiences firsthand the terror of war, and encounters a motley crew of fictional and real-life characters. Back in the States, famed cartoonist Milton approaches Dottie and uses her as the model for his new comic strip, "Poison Ivy," which centers on the adventures of a patriotic vamp capable of making soldiers "forget their girlfriends back home." The strip is a runaway success and kindles the fantasies of GIs across the globe, eventually reaching even Joe.
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