"As an illustrator at Charlie Hebdo for over ten years, the 7th January 2016 was a personal tragedy for me, in which I lost friends, mentors, my levity, my desire to draw. After the violence of what happened, after having escaped death, I realized what I needed to do: get out of the chaos and that emotional, intellectual and aesthetic emptiness that followed, in order to look for the opposite, beauty. The beauty of landscapes, the beauty of the arts, being reunited with drawing, the reconstruction of a damaged memory, a search for calm, for light and beautiful food... It is in Italy, in Rome, that I hope to find some of that salvation, after the never-ending Parisian winter. La légèreté is an intimate and angled story of the events of January 2016, trying not to sink under the weight of profound despair. A work of remembrance, clinging to beauty as a new anchorage."

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