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Devin Grayson & Sal Cipriano & Yana Adamovic 128 pages
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Publisher’s summary Dark Horse

Fables meets The Fisher King in this dark, magical realist tale about a mysterious young homeless woman, an enterprising engineer with a troubled past, and a dangerous... Read more


Dark Horse

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  • 12/01/2022




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Reviewed by redrobinmeg
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The Earth may be forgiving but the magical beings who share it with the human race are not. Poe, a girl stolen and raised by the fae, interrupts a council meeting with grave news: Titania, queen of the fae, is preparing to invade the city and reclaim the nature that the humans destroyed. The only way to appease her? Cease work on the new city complex and build a park instead. Delivered in Shakespearean English by a girl with wild hair dressed like a hippie, you can imagine the reception this... Read more

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