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V.2 - Sera and the Royal Stars

Jon Tsuei  & Audrey Mok

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( 2 Volumes )

Publisher's summary Vault Comics

The power of the Royal Stars is fading. But there is a brighter light that shines within Sera. Once unleased, it will leave her and everyone around her forever changed. Sera must find the courage to accept her power and her fate. REBUILD THE NIGHT SKY. With the light of the Royal Stars nearing their end, a hidden power inside Sera is unleashed, leaving her forever changed. Battered and brokenhearted, Sera must find it within herself to wield a forbidden weapon and lead her companions in a final showdown against the stars of Draco. Collects issues #6 to #10 of the ten issue series.

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Volume : 2/2 - Sera and the Royal Stars Vol. 2