Always Never - Always Never

Always Never - Always Never

Always Never

Jordi Lafebre 152 pages
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Publisher’s summary Europe Comics

Not all love stories are made equally. Some take decades to blossom, seeming almost to go in reverse. Such is the case for Zeno, a 60-year-old PhD student and nomad... Read more



Europe Comics

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  • 26/05/2021




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Reviewed by Sorcered
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A heartwarming love story told backwards, with the amazing art we came to expect from Lafebre. Yes, this is the storytelling debut of the well-known artist (Jordi Lafebre worked on Lydie, Glorious Summers, Vice Squad and more). In this book, Lafebre tells a simple (?) love story - but he does it backwards, from the ending to the beginning. “Ending”, just saying, because the kiss of the two sexagenarian lovers at the end of the first chapter is only the beginning of their new life. The narrative... Read more

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