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V.12 - Kiss Him, Not Me


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( 14 Volumes )

Publisher's summary Kodansha

Hiya! It’s me, Kae. Everyone came all the way to Hokkaido to rescue me from Tah-kun, but just as we were getting away, Mutsumi-senpai fell from a cliff and hit his head! Now Mutsumi-senpai is in the hospital and won’t wake up! But no matter how long it takes, I refuse to leave his side until he’s conscious again. It’s my fault that he’s here, and I’m going to do everything in my power to bring him out of his coma—even if I have to draw some magic circles and call upon a few spirits! But will my otaku skills really be enough to bring him back? Or will I have to borrow a method from a fairy tale to wake this sleeping bishonen? Either way, this experience has made me realize something about Mutsumi-senpai, and when he wakes up, I may just finally make my decision…

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Volume : 12/14 - Kiss Him, Not Me 12