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V.2 - Steeple

John Allison

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( 2 Volumes )

Publisher's summary Dark Horse

A two-part continuation of John Allison's (Giant Days) new series Steeple! Former curate Billie has moved on to a new path . . . as a priestess in the Church of Satan. Meanwhile, her friend Maggie has made a similar switch--from Satanist to church-bound do-gooder. But when the light of the supermoon turns a Church of Satan warlock into an almost-werewolf, Billie's well-meaning solutions bring her evil boss to the breaking point, just as Maggie's chaotic nature begins to wear thin on her Godly supervisors. Then, when a mysterious visitor is found in a cave, an ancient evil from the unknowable depths of the Pacific Ocean is hot on their heels . . . and so is Christmas! In the midst of the madness, Billie does her best to arrange an improbable Saturnalia truce between the churches of England and Satan.

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Volume : 2/2 - Steeple Volume 2