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V.3 - Penny Dreadful

Chris King  & Jesus Hervas  & Jason Wordie

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Publisher's summary Titan Comics

The long, hidden war for the fate of mankind reaches new heights of terror, as the Mother of Evil, reincarnated in the body of Vanessa Ives, gathers dark powers and evil minds to strike one final time at the heart of humanity – the Antichrist is due. Discover the fates of Ethan, Lily, Cat, and many more – the end time have come at last. The first epic comics sequel to the critically-acclaimed SHOWTIME TV series concludes, written by the show’s co-producer, Chris King, and astoundingly illustrated by Jesus Hervas (Sons of Anarchy) and Jason Wordie. Collects #9-12 of the ongoing series.

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Volume : 3/3 - Penny Dreadful - Volume 3 - The Victory of Death