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C.13 - Penny Dreadful

Chris King  & Jesus Hervas  & Jason Wordie

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Publisher's summary Titan Comics

The end has come. In the wilds of the Scottish highlands, it seems there is one last hope for the redemption of mankind, flickering in the darkness. As holder of the sable flame, Dracula, once a mortal enemy, now holds the fate of humanity in his immortal hands. Can he be trusted to extinguish the one he calls brother and stop the madness that spreads all over the world like wildfire? Or will he be extinguished along with the rest? While the future of the entire human race hangs in the balance, it is the future of one man alone that preoccupies Lily. Ready to lay down her life for the man she has always loved, she is determined that if the world should end this night, Ethan will not be condemned to eternal torment, not if she can stop it.

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Chapter : 13 - Penny Dreadful - Volume 3 - The Victory of Death - Chapter 4