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C.15 - Penny Dreadful

Chris King  & Jesus Hervas  & Jason Wordie

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Publisher's summary Titan Comics

With the minions of Satan snapping at their heels, and their motely crew becoming splintered by more deceptions and deaths, Catriona and Victor strike out on a journey north. Their hope is that it will bring them face to face with the last being on Earth that can defeat the ultimate evil that has cursed their lives… the ancient and elusive Dracula. As they journey ever northwards, they learn that even in motion, they cannot escape the clutches of Lucifer’s followers… Left to care for Ethan, Lily desperately tries to coax the man she loved back from the brink of death, but old wounds run deep and she is not the woman she once was… for better or worse, it seems Ethan’s fate is out of her hands…

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Chapter : 15 - Penny Dreadful - Volume 4 - Chapter 2