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V.1 - C.1 - Doctor Who: The Seventh Doctor

Ben Aaronovitch  & Andrew Cartmel  & Richard Dinnick  & Christopher Jones  & Jessica Martin  & Maro Lesko

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( 3 Chapters )

Publisher's summary Titan Comics

Operation Volcano – Part One The Seventh Doctor and Ace have long travelled through space and time in the Doctor’s TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space), facing all manner of deadly alien intelligences, and witnessing countless unique wonders. Most recently, they defeated the war-like Kla-Shi-Kel – without firing a shot! Afterwards, while witnessing the Kepler Alignment – in the company of some marshmallows and a roaring fire – the TARDIS alerted them pair to an urgent request for assistance from an old friend: Group Captain Gilmore… Hill of Beans – Part One Not so long ago, the Doctor and Ace arrived at the Psychic Circus – aka The Greatest Show in the Galaxy – on the planet Segonax, where they encountered a diverse group of performers and visitors, including an explorer incongruously named Captain Cook, his companion Mags – later revealed to be an alien werewolf from the planet Vulpana – and a biker known as Nord. The circus was dominated by a troupe of sinister and deadly robot clowns, exerting their control under a strange family, the only audience to the Circus’ talent show. The Doctor and Ace eventually uncovered the terrible secret of the Circus – that the family were really the Gods of Ragnarok, powerful creatures with an insatiable craving for entertainment. With Ace’s help, the Doctor ended the god’s reign of terror, and returned the circus to the control of its original owners. This is what Mags did next…

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Volume : 1 - Doctor Who: The Seventh Doctor - Volume 1 - Operation Volcano - Chapter 1