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V.1 - C.1 - Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor

Robbie Morrison

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Publisher's summary Titan Comics

AS DOCTOR WHO SEASON 8 HITS TV, DON’T MISS THE STUNNING DEBUT OF THE TWELFTH DOCTOR’S ALL-NEW COMICS ADVENTURES! New Doctor! New Beginning! Offering shocks, surprises, and timestream-shaking revelations, don’t miss your chance to get on board this amazing ongoing series! Eagle award-winning writer Robbie Morrison (Drowntown, The Authority, 2000AD, Nikolai Dante) dives headfirst into the TARDIS console room and spins the Doctor off to his most challenging destination yet!With the amazing storyline and fantastic interior artist under lock and key at the time of going to press – keep an eye on doctorwho.tv, titan-comics.com and the official BBC Doctor Who Facebook page for the official announcements! Retailers – celebrate the arrival of the newest Doctor with a selection of stunning variant covers – including a beautiful new painting from Alice X. Zhang!Doctor Who, the Daleks, the Cybermen, TARDIS and all other characters and logos are trade marks of the BBC and are used under licence unless otherwise indicated.

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Volume : 1/16 - Issue 1