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V.2 - Robotech

Simon Furman  & Brian Wood  & Marco Lesko  & Marco Turini

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Publisher's summary Titan Comics

Titan Comics’ unique take on the Robotech saga continues – with even more action, shocks and twists. The crew of the SDF-1 are lost in space and under constant attack by alien forces. After the crew lose one of their own, secrets and mysteries begin to emerge – and there may be traitors on board… Plotted by Brian Wood (Star Wars, Briggs Land, X-Men) and scripted by Simon Furman (Transformers, Dr Who) with stunning art by Marco Turini (Heavy Metal, Assassin’s Creed, Dark Souls). “This series hits all the right notes for longtime fans and newcomers to the greatness that is Robotech.” – 411 Mania “Welcome to one of the greatest series of all time. 5 out of 5.” – Comic Crusaders

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Volume : 2/4 - Robotech - Volume 2 - Bye, Bye Mars