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C.17 - Robotech

Simon Furman  & Ivan Rodriguez  & Pasquale Qualano  & Marco Lesko

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Publisher's summary Titan Comics

The SDF-1 has been in the midst of a long journey back to Earth. Along the way, the SDF-1’s Captain, Henry Gloval, was killed under mysterious circumstances and Lisa Hayes took over his position… Rick appears to have gone blind, but has somehow developed a different kind of vision – possibly connected to the Protoculture that powers Robotechnology. He is now concerned that Minmei has also been affected…. Minmei and Rick brought Minmei’s cousin, Kyle from Aluce Base to the SDF-1, and Miriya took revenge on Max Sterling by attacking him in space. The flight led to Miriya crashing through into the SDF-1, in the middle of Macross City and unleashing Invid warriors on Macross City as a distraction… Miriya was finally defeated and ejected out into space by Rick Hunter and Max Sterling, while the shock return of Karl Riber, previously reported as K.I.A. helped to turn the tide of battle. Meanwhile, Admiral Hayes of Alaska Base unleashed the devastating power of the Grand Cannon on the Zentraedi Battle Fortress, seriously damaging their flagship and forcing their fleet to withdraw. Back on board the SDF-1, Claudia attempted to confront Roy, not realizing he was an evil clone created by Dr. Lazlo Zand.

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Chapter : 17 - Robotech - Volume 5 - Showdown - Chapter 1