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C.20 - Robotech

Simon Furman  & Marco Turini  & Marco Lesko

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Publisher's summary Titan Comics

The SDF-1 has been in the midst of a long journey back to Earth. Along the way, the SDF-1’s Captain, Henry Gloval, was killed under mysterious circumstances and Lisa Hayes took over his position… Rick appears to have gone blind, but has somehow developed a different kind of vision – possibly connected to the Protoculture that powers Robotechnology. He is now concerned that Minmei has also been affected… and she has indeed begun to display strange abilities. Rick believes that his ‘brother’ Roy is dead – unaware that Roy is being held prisoner by Dr. Lazlo Zand… Roy came across Gloval in a cloning chamber… An all-out war has broken out between Dolza and the Zentraedi and the humans of Earth – with huge casualties on both sides… A small group of Zentraedi aliens (including Breetai, Exedore and Miriya) decided to shrink themselves down and are heading to the SDF-1 to defect while the Zentraedi spies, Bron, Rico and Konda, have already requested asylum from the SDF-1…

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Chapter : 20 - Robotech - Volume 5 - Showdown - Chapter 4