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C.4 - Fighting American

Gordon Rennie  & Duke Mighten  & PC De La Fuente  & Jed Dougherty  & Tracey Bailey

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( 8 Chapters )

Publisher's summary Titan Comics

Assigned as their liaison officer, FBI Special Agent Lydia Rutherford attempted to debrief Fighting American and Speedboy, and acclimatize them to the modern world. However, two of Fighting American’s old foes, Rimsky and Korsakoff, smuggled from the past using Dyle Twister’s time machine, launched a surprise attack on our patriotic duo. Only Fighting American’s quick thinking saved the day. Meanwhile, Madam Chaos and Chaos Lad have successfully planted dozens of Fighting American’s villains from yester-year throughout time in preparation for Fighting American’s return and are readying to spring their nefarious trap…

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Chapter : 4 - Fighting American - Volume 1 - Brave New World - Chapter 4