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C.7 - Fighting American

Gordon Rennie  & Andie Tong  & Tracy Bailey  & Tracey Bailey

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( 8 Chapters )

Publisher's summary Titan Comics

For the first time since arriving in our present, Fighting American is utterly alone and estranged from his sidekick Speedboy, who walked out on him following the shocking discovery that Fighting American didn’t actually know what Speedboy’s real name was. His special FBI handler Agent Poppy Rutherford has been replaced by a pair of corrupt and murderous Agents called Carver and Cruikshank on the orders of Doubleheader, the secret head of both the FBI and a cast crime syndicate. Meanwhile Fighting American’s grandson and great grandson (or nephew and great nephew, if you’re being picky) Chester and Chad Krunckle have, along with Speedboy been approached by star reporter Poison Penny of the Faux News Network, who plans on using them all to ruin Fighting American’s reputation on live TV!

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Chapter : 7 - Fighting American - Volume 2 - The Ties That Bind - Chapter 3