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C.8 - Fighting American

Gordon Rennie  & Andie Tong  & Tracy Bailey  & Tracey Bailey

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( 8 Chapters )

Publisher's summary Titan Comics

Following a series of live online ‘exposes’ with Speedboy, orchestrated by Faux News Network host Poison Penny, Fighting American has been invited to a live on-air reconciliation with Speedboy. However, Fighting American found himself confronted, not only by his young ward, but also by the only two surviving members of his family, his nephew and great nephew, Chester and Chad Krunkle, live on national TV. Fighting American’s FBI handler Agent Rutherford, who was demoted to clerical duties by Doubleheader (one of Fighting American’s old enemies from the 1950s, how the head of the FBI), has managed to escape her boss’s hench-people and his racing to the TV studio to help Fighting American. Meanwhile, a crack squad of Doubleheader’s armed goons are lying in wait at the studio to kill Fighting American and Speedboy once and for all…

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Chapter : 8 - Fighting American - Volume 2 - The Ties That Bind - Chapter 4