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V.1 - Newbury & Hobbes

George Mann  & Dan Boultwood

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Publisher's summary Titan Comics

A foul plot unfolds from the depths of London, as bombs rock the city, the dead rise, and Her Majesty is not amused! Discoer the dynamic detective duo Sir Maurice Newbury and Miss Veronica Hobbes, defenders of the Victorian Empire against threats both natural and supernatural. The HIT steampunk mystery novels unleash a new tale by original creator George Mann (‘Doctor Who’, ‘Dark Souls’) with irrepressible illustrations by Dan Boultwood (‘It Came!’, ‘The Phoenix’). Plus, exclusive Newbury & Hobbes prose story! Collects Newbury & Hobbes #1-4. “There is no doubting the talent on show in this book. Fans of Doctor Who or Holmes should find enough to quench their thirst.” – Comic Crusaders “Fans of Alan Moore’s work will enjoy Mann’s description of Victorian asylums, slums, aristocratic soirees and things that go bump in the night.” – Strange Horizons

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Volume : 1 - Newbury & Hobbes - Volume 1 - The Undying