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V.1 - C.4 - The Raid

Alex Paknadel  & Budi Setiawan  & Brad Simpson

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( 2 Chapters )

Publisher's summary Titan Comics

In the world of the Raid films, Jakarta is under constant threat from ambitious crimelords and their deadly henchmen… The police special forces do whatever they can to quash the threats but it takes a special, determined skilled, and tough individual to really rise to the challenge. Special Operations officer Teja ended up in prison after misguidedly trying to arrest crime boss Bejo in an unauthorized operation. There, he recognized Rama (a.k.a. Yuda) from their police training together. Now, Rama is protecting Teja in prison. Meanwhile, Bejo is warring with rival crime bosses, using his assassins to achieve deadly results. He hears that Teja is potentially planning to share his knowledge of Jakartan corruption with Bunawar, the head of the Internal Investigations Unit –and so Bejo sends his assassins to put a stop to that…

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Volume : 1 - The Raid - Volume 1 - Chapter 4