Mia & Co

"Mia, Gauthier, Louka and Zouzou are a group of high school buddies. Mia is the only girl in the group but she is certainly not the last to play video games or to climb trees. They're all very close and are rarely seen apart, hanging out together during recreation and after classes, at the park or at home, playing console, watching movies, listening to music, or just larking around (often at the expense of their homework). Less introspective and lighter than Vanyda's ""Celle que"", and with more humorous characters, Mia & Co focuses on the same ideas of soul-searching and establishing one's place within a group. Initially, Mia feels completely comfortable in this group of boys; then, with time she starts questioning boy-girl relationships that change with adolescence. This ultimately leads to her finding her passion and, in so doing, her role in this group of guys who are willing to help as best they can with all her plans."

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