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V.1 - Doctor Who: The Lost Dimension

Nick Abadzis  & Carlos Cabrera  & Mariano Laclaustra  & Hernan Cabrera


Résumé de l’éditeur Titan Comics

Doctor Who: The Lost Dimension – Part Three An unknown force is striking from the depths of space, emerging as impossibly-large white holes over civilized planets, absorbing or annihilating everything that lives. The Tenth Doctor and his companions, Gabby Gonzalez and Cindy Wu, were in the Vortex when the TARDIS control room suddenly became that of the Third Doctor – including an appearance by the Third Doctor himself, screaming in pain, as the white energy sought to destroy him! The image vanished as suddenly as it arrived, but now the Doctor must work out what has attacked his past self… before his own timeline unravels!

Suite du résumé

Tome : 1/2 - Doctor Who: The Lost Dimension - Volume 1 - Chapter 3