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V.1 - World War X

Jerry Frissen  & Peter Snejbjerg  & Delphine Rieu  & Edward Gauvin


Résumé de l’éditeur Titan Comics

The moon base, 2017. An ancient sarcophagus split open to release a terrifying alien creature! In the aftermath of the cataclysmic event, all communications have been cut off from Earth. Meanwhile back on the home planet, scientist Adesh Khan, along with his estranged wife Tara, teamed up with ancient warrior Helius to fight against the terrible events now engulfing the entire human race! The gravely injured Helius has revealed that the aliens were buried in the earth long before the dawn of man, but there is a weapon they can build together to defeat the creatures. Meanwhile, the mysterious woman, Jen, has taken control of one of the aliens for purposes unknown.

Suite du résumé

Tome : 1 - World War X - Volume 1 - Chapter 4