Harem Marriage - Harem Marriage 10
Harem Marriage - Harem Marriage 10

T10 Harem Marriage

NON 194 pages
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Tome Harem Marriage 10

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"""Please... Set me free."" A Christmas miracle is cut short when Madoka serves Ryunosuke with divorce papers. He refuses to take them, but Madoka won't back down. Can... En lire plus





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Harem Marriage Vol 10 by NON had so many hilarious and crazy scenes. I mean, this is the Date family we are talking about – normal is not their thing! The Date family is trying to lurk Madoka out from her hide with a Christmas piano concert. Everyone knows that Ryunosuke playing the piano is her weakness. Their plan is successful, she shows up, but it doesn't turn into the dream reunion Koharu hoped for. Madoka is firmly set on divorcing the Date family. This volume focus on the aftermath of... En lire plus