Harem Marriage - Harem Marriage 12
Harem Marriage - Harem Marriage 12

T12 Harem Marriage

NON 194 pages
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Tome Harem Marriage 12

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"""I will always love you..."" Urara is in love with the wrong person: her homeroom teacher, a married man. As if that weren't hard enough, now her dad is pushing her... En lire plus





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Harem Marriage Series by NON is one of my favourite series. I am addicted to the story - it has lots of humour, sexy scenes, amazing art and characters that does crazy funny things. Volume 12 focused on a side character from the Harem Marriage Series and was such a sweet and lovely story. I am so happy the mangaka wrote Urara a story too! Urara is the sweet girl next door and Koharu's kohai at work. She's a few weeks from graduating high school and has been informed by her parents that they... En lire plus