Rent-A-Girlfriend - Rent-A-Girlfriend 14
Rent-A-Girlfriend - Rent-A-Girlfriend 14

T14 Rent-A-Girlfriend

Reiji Miyajima 209 pages
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Tome Rent-A-Girlfriend 14

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A NOSY NEIGHBOR The crowdfunding campaign to produce Mizuhara’s movie has begun! If things go favorably, it could mean that her lifelong dream will finally come... En lire plus




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  • 16/08/2022



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The movie project page is online, and while the initial impact is great, there are a lot of things to do before Kazuya can call it an unmitigated success. Surprisingly, everybody helps - Chizuru, of course, but also Ruka-chan and the weird new neighbor from room 205. Yaemori-san’s tiny role from the last volume turned out to be huge. Not only she’s a lot more practical than she seemed, but she’s using this down-to-earth quality of hers to help everybody else - and move the movie project... En lire plus