Rent-A-Girlfriend - Rent-A-Girlfriend 6
Rent-A-Girlfriend - Rent-A-Girlfriend 6

T6 Rent-A-Girlfriend

Reiji Miyajima 210 pages
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Tome Rent-A-Girlfriend 6

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At Mizuhara’s request, Kazuya agrees to go on a “practice date” with Sumi-chan, who’s trying to make it as a rental girlfriend despite her crippling shyness. It’s an... En lire plus




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  • 01/06/2021



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Chizuru called Kazuya for a late night meeting… only to tell him he MUST rent a different girl! (No worries, he’s only supposed to be training the newcomer Sumi Sakurasawa to be a better rental girlfriend). Piece of cake, you say? Not so much, because Sumi is so shy she paralyzes in social situations, her smile scares babies, and she can’t seem to speak at all. Comedy and sexiness abound, with panty shots and innuendos galore (and the bonus story at the end of the book is set up in an onsen, so... En lire plus