Rent-A-Girlfriend - Rent-A-Girlfriend 7
Rent-A-Girlfriend - Rent-A-Girlfriend 7

T7 Rent-A-Girlfriend

Reiji Miyajima 210 pages
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Tome Rent-A-Girlfriend 7

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Mizuhara plans to quit her rental girlfriend job to pursue an acting career, and Kazuya, finally aware of his feelings for her, is left unsure of what to do. Without... En lire plus




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  • 20/07/2021



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Sa note:
Alright, so Kazuya finally spills the beans and admits what we knew since volume one - he’s in love with Chizuru! (Big reveal, I know. NOT.) It’s too late, though - Chizuru wants to stop being a rental girlfriend… Seeing those two heartbroken and lonely in their adjacent rooms was perhaps this series’ lowest point so far - which means there’s only one way to go. Up! And what best way to restart the story than using a new facet of Chizuru’s personality - her actress self is amazing, and Kazuya... En lire plus