"Marcel Rayman is executed by firing squad on 21st February 1944 at Fort Mont-Valérien. He is 21 years old.'The Red Poster' tells the story of this young, Jewish pacifist from Poland who took up arms against the heinous Nazi regime, alongside Missak Manouchian and other resistants in the FTP-MOI: a communist section of the French Resistance composed entirely of foreigners, fighting for France and 'liberté, egalité, fraternité' until their network was dismantled. Far from the glorious clichés, this innocent young man gradually becomes a seasoned warrior and a skilled strategist. Over the course of two gruelling years, during which his family are deported, Marcel Rayman becomes versed in underground resistance fighting, armed warfare, assaults, urban guerilla tactics, death, fear... and betrayal.It is his face which appears on the flaming 'Red Poster', a piece of propaganda spread by the occupying authorities, intended to discredit the actions of the Parisian Resistance."

Trier par : Ancien

Vivre à en mourir


Vivre à en mourir conte le destin de Marcel Rayman, ce jeune juif polonais pacifiste, qui, face à l'abomination nazie, prendra les armes auprès de Missak Manoukian et d'autres résistants. Pendant deux éprouvantes années, durant lesquelles il verra sa famille déportée, Marcel Rayman fait l'apprentissage de la clandestinité, de la « guérilla urbaine », de la mort, de la peur... et de la trahison. Son visage apparaîtra sur l'infamante Affiche Rouge, propagande de l'occupant destinée à discréditer les actions de la résistance parisienne.

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