At the very edges of space, unknown forces amass, with Mankind in their sights. There, the Deathwatch hold the line against the Xenos hordes. Recruited from all across the many Space Marine Chapters, it is both an honor and a curse to serve as humanity’s last line of defence. Stranded and alone at the very edges of the Calaphrax Cluster, on the ore-moon, Sidra, on Deathwatch Kill-Team defends a mining colony from attacking Xenos hordes. If they cannot hold the line, an unstoppable tide will swell and break across the galaxy, leaving untold destruction in its wake. Does this lone Deathwatch team, assaulted on all sides, have the strength to make their final stand?

Trier par : Ancien

C3 Warhammer 40,000: Deathwatch


With the abrupt arrival of a Xenos craft on Sidra, the Kill Team are tasked with a new mission; to warn Xyston of the new invasion. Kaeler and Izrafel make their way to the gunship, only to find that it has been destroyed by the Xenos horde. Left with few options, and with highly corrosive acid rain beginning to fall, the team advance towards the transmission station in the heart of the colony, in hopes of making contact with the Xyston Watchtower. After separating from the team, Sergeant Agathon is ambushed by a prime Ur-Ghul. Tiberius comes to his aid, while the rest of the team face a horde of Orks. Now the real battle begins.

C4 Warhammer 40,000: Deathwatch


Kill Team Agathon faces off against the Xenos horde that has unexpectedly landed on Sidra. Their top priority is to warn Xyston of this invasion, no matter the cost. The team fearlessly slayed every Ork in their path to the transmission station. However, they are soon outnumbered and heavily outgunned. Surrounded and wounded, Rurik makes the ultimate sacrifice in order to buy time for the rest of the team. To honor the Old Wolf, the team forges ahead towards the station. Will they be able to warn Xyston in time?!